Escarpines modernos – Modern Baby Booties


Colocar 40 puntos en las agujas, en tensión 8. Tejer por 8 hileras. Pasar a tensión 10 y poner una aguja en descanso, aguja por medio. Tejer dos vueltas. Volver a tensión 10 y colocar todas las agujas en trabajo. Tejer por otras 8 hileras, y convertir a tubular (esto es, levantar el comienzo del tejido, como si haríamos un dobladillo, colocando las cadenitas de los puntos sobre las agujas en trabajo). Continuar tejiendo por 25 hileras, y luego comenzar con hileras acortadas para realizar el talón. Para ello, cuando llegas a la hilera 25, ponés la mitad de las agujas contrarias al carro en descanso (las 20 más alejadas del carro), y una aguja del lado del carro también en descanso (de esta forma te quedará el carro, una aguja en descanso, 19 en trabajo, 20 en descanso). Se teje una hilera, y coloca la otra aguja más cercana al carro en descanso (te quedará el carro, las 21 en descanso, 18 en trabajo, 1 en descanso). Repetir este procedimiento hasta tener 9 agujas centrales en trabajo, y luego comenzar con las hileras alargadas para recuperar todas las agujas. Esto significa que recuperarás la primera aguja que se encuentra en descanso del lado contrario al carro, y para evitar que nos queden agujeritos en el tejido, pasarás la lana por debajo de la primera aguja en descanso del lado del carro. Tejer una hilera, y repetimos hasta recuperar todas las agujas. Anteriormente formamos como una V y ahora la vamos recuperando, de un lado y del otro.

Una vez que llegamos a tener las 20 agujas en trabajo, llevamos a dicha posición las otras 20 que se encontraban en descanso. Tejemos 21 hileras, y repetimos el procedimiento que hicimos en el talón, pero esta vez, para realizar la punta de la media, haciendo las hileras acortadas y alargadas. Cuando recuperamos la totalidad de las agujas, hacemos una sola hilera y cambiamos a una lana auxiliar para poder sacar el tejido.

Hacer la otra media igual, pero antes de comenzar el talón, hay que tejer 26 hileras en vez de 25.

Put 40 stitches in the needle, tension 8. Knit for 8 rows. Change tension to 10 and put needles to rest, every other needle. Knit two rows. Come back to tension 8 and put all needles to work. Knit for another 8 rows, and convert to tubular knit (this is, pick up the beginning of the knitting, like if we were doing a hem, putting the stitches over the working needles). Continue to knit for another 25 rows, and then start with the short rows to make the heel. To do so, when you knit the row 25, you put to rest half  the needles (the ones that are farther away of the cart), and  the needle that is closest to the cart (this way, you´ll have the cart, 1 needle resting, 19 needles working, and 20 needles resting). Knit a row, and put another needle to rest near the cart (now you´ll have the cart, 21 needles put to rest, 18 needles working, and 1 needle put to rest). Continue with this procedure till you only have 9 needles working, and then start with the long rows to recover all needles. This means you´ll recover the first needle that is resting on the other side of the cart, and to avoid tinny holes in the booties, put the wool underneath the first needle resting on the side of the cart. Knit a row and repeat until you have recovered all needles. Previously we made a V, and now we are recovering it, from one side and the other.

Once we have 20 working needles again, we put to work the other 20 needles. Knit 21 rows, and repeat the steps we made for the heel, but this time, to make the tip of the bootie, making short and long rows. Once we recovered all the needles, knit a row and change to auxiliary yarn to take out the knitting. 

Make the other bootie the same way you did this one, with the difference that before you start the heel, knit 26 rows instead of 25.

Armado y terminación.

Retiramos el tejido y cosemos la punta, quitando la lana auxiliar. Luego cosemos los costados. Para finalizar, realicé un cordoncito de cadenitas al crochet de aproximadamente 30 cm, al que pasé por el que sería el tobillo de la media, y decoré con flecos, así evitaba que mi hijo se lo saque de tanto moverse.

Take out the knit, sew the tip, taking away the auxiliary yarn. Then, sew the sides. To finish it, I made a crochet chain stitch around 30 cm long. I put it around the ankle, and  dress it up with fringes.


22 pensamientos en “Escarpines modernos – Modern Baby Booties

  1. You have made exclusive socks, but do you have by any chance an English translation of the pattern (Google is absolutely hopeless in kniitng terms), then I would be very grateful to you.
    Kind regards

    • Hello, Gerrie! This booties are made with a knitting machine. The machine I have is an old Knittax. At the end of the spanish pattern is the english explanation written in italic. Spanish is my first language, so I apologize if there is any errors. Hope you can make them!

      • LOL! I was just thinking this week of mnaikg some needle books! Yours look lovely!The lemony felt looks just what I’m looking for, I’ll have to have some in next months felt order!! :)x

      • I have also just begun teaching my dauhtger, Frannie, to knit. She is eight, soon to be nine. I tried about a year ago, but she wasn’t into it – now she is – hooray! We sit and knit together – we even bring our knitting to Crumbs Bakeshop where we share a cupcake and knit together. I see people looking at us and smiling. Frannie is also a Brownie/Jr. Girl Scout – so for this year’s birthday we are having a knitting party and all the scouts are invited. I am going to teach them how to knit – at least the knit stitch and they will each go home with a pair of adorable needles, some yarn, a small tote bag, printed instructions with photos, and a “2010 Knitting Fun” patch for their sashes.S.W.A.K.

  2. Thank you very much for your reply and a lot came clear. I heard a knitting machine can only make ‘knit’ stitches, that is why I don’t see any purls… Could you please tell me what number of needles you would use, if you’d knit by hand, then I could work it out in Dutch, because that is my first language. Kind regards, Gerrie.

    • Hi, Gerrie! Nice to hear from you again! I am knitting a sweater for my baby with this same yarn and I´m using needles N 3 1/2. I really hope you can knit them!! Don`t hesitate to ask me if you have any more questions! Good luck!!

  3. Again thank you very much. From what I see I think it is to be knitted on 2 needles start at the cuff, finally finish it at the toes with a Kitchener stitch. I think I can work it out as at the moment I am knitting a proper sock on 4 needles. For now thank you very much. Kind regards, Gerrie.

  4. I have a problem with finishing the bootie. I make the second V, recover all the stitches, but where to cast off. Thanking you in advance,

  5. As I told you I unraveled the toe part, finished it with the Kitchener stitch, but I thought the upper part too short. Unraveled it again, knitted an extra needle to the upper part, but then thought the loops of the sole part too big. Tonight I’ll give it another try and put the sole stitches on a thinner needle, then it should be nicer.
    It was quite easy really to work out the bootie, because I sometimes knit socks and it the whole idea made me think of a sock except that you prescribed the V. The finishing is different from an ordinary sock that is why I got confused.
    Of course I will send you a picture when I have finished them.
    The word ‘cart’ in the English translating frightened me, but going back to the ordinairy sock pattern I knew what was meant…
    With the tubular part I used a little tric: I used a coloured thread through the stitch I had to pick up all through the bootie. Making the tube it was thus: pick up a the stitch which was on the coloured thread and the stitch on the needle, knit them together and done. It looks like done by machine that neat!
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Hi Bernardita, I am busy at the 2nd bootie, but I just wondered what size the booties are, have you any idea, because I have never been in children…..
    Thank you in advance, Gerrie.

  7. I finished them last night, but I still have to make the tassels. I am very pleased with them and about myself. I think it is easy to make them a size smaller, f.i. starting with 36 stitches and then everything according to the available stitches.
    When I saw the picture of your booties they were a challenge to me, opened the picture and then I thought:: Oh, Jesus in Spanish, read the English translation and then couldn’t make much sense out of it, but I remembered the last proper sock I knitted, so I thought: Well if I could knit those socks these must be of the same principle and they were. Thank you very much, you strengthened my self confidence.
    As soon as I have made the tassels I will send you a picture.
    Kind regards, Gerrie.

    • Ohhh!! Sooooo happy to hear you could knit them! I can´t wait to see them! Too bad we live so far away, otherwise I would visit you so you could teach me to knit with four needles 🙂 Talk to you soon!! Bernardita

  8. Maybe I can help you, just ask what you want to know and I’ll try to tell you ‘the secret’. It saves you often a lot of work.
    Could you tell me how you make the second tassel? I know how to make the first one.
    You crochet a long chain, but how to attach it securely to the second tassel?
    Kind regards Gerrie.

    • Hi, Gerrie! What I do is leave a long strand on both ends of the chain (I leave a long strand when I start doing it and when I finish it). I make the second tassel, finish it completely. Then I thread a needle with one of the long strands I left of the chain, and go around the top of the second tassel a few times, tighten it firmly (I even made a knot) and then, pull it thru the second tassel, as if it were one of the fringes and cut the strand. I really hope you understand what I mean… sometimes I wish my english was a little better!

  9. Thank you very much for the clear tutorial. This construction I trust. I have asked many people about the construction, but what they do is make only ONE tassel or ONE pompon and never TWO
    I also have to confess you I made some mistakes, but now everything is perfect exept for the toe. I always knit in the evening and then I still feel clear in my mind, but don’t seem to be it because of tiredness. Just now I found out what I have done wrong and it was written in the pattern! After looking and looking I found out I had to use the other side of the work, the other 20 stitches and then it will be all right. The material has lost its proper colour by now, but there is still washing powder….
    I still had not weaved in the end, because I noticed all the time yours and mine did not look alike and I want them to be the same. It will work this time!
    Have a nice weekend.

    • Good morning, at least for me… I was wondering about you telling them knitting the booties on two needle. How was it that the booties were designed for 4 needles and you don’t. How did you get the pattern?
      It is a perfect pattern! I gave them to the lady yesterday morning and she was very pleased with them. To finish them with the string through every 4 stitches was quite a job, but they look very professional because of it. I really have fallen in love with them. There are many booties on this site, but yours were unusual, that is why I picked them out straight away.

      • Dear Gerry,
        Thank you so much! I am really glad that you like could knit them! Please send me a picture to my mail ( whenever you can! I can´t wait to see how yours turn out! Thanks again!

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  11. Hola, me encantaron y ya los hice!!!!! quedaron hermosos!!! Quisiera saber si tenes mas patrones de tejido a maquina, no encuentro por ningun lado; muchas gracias y me encanto tu página!!!!! Gracias!!!!

    • Gracias, Abi! Es verdad, es muy difícil encontrar patrones para maquinas de tejer. En un tiempo estaré subiendo más! Gracias de vuelta!

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